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Satay set

Satay set


Satay is bite-sized pieces of meat that have been marinated with spices, shallots and garlic, then skewered on a bamboo stick, and cooked on a flaming charcoal grill. The meats used are usually chicken, mutton and beef. A bowl of spicy peanut dipping sauce, served with cucumber chunks, red onions and ketupat completes the satay experience. Your kids can start their own satay club!

This Satay set consists of 2 sticks of 3 types of satay, 1 ketupat, 2 cucumber slices, 1 onion wedge and 1 dish of peanut sauce. Banana leaf plate as shown in 4th picture is optional. For international orders, please note that the satay stick is made from organic materials.

Your Heartfelt Makan order will be processed after payment is received. Orders will be fulfilled within 2 weeks or less. Due to the availability of the felt colours, we can only produce small quantities of this set. If we sell out, we may bring this set back later on!

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