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If you've come to this page, we're betting you're a laksa lover or you have a friend who is one. This is the noodle soup champion of Peranakan cuisine - a spicey, creamy, coconut milk based soup with thick rice vermicelli. Delicious toppings of tau pok (fried beancurd with spongey interior), prawns, fishcake and hard boiled egg, make this dish a popular favourite in Singapore.


The Laksa set includes noodles (made from cotton), 2 slices of fish cake, 2 prawns, 1 tau pok, 2 hard boiled egg halves and laksa leaf garnish (yes, it is sewn on). Red bowl is optional.


Your Heartfelt Makan local treat will be made to order after payment is received. Orders will be fulfilled within 2 weeks or less.

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