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Assorted Biscuits

Assorted Biscuits


Ah, old school biscuits. It is such a snack-time staple, for a good number of years of your life, you didn't even know other types of biscuits existed. You've lost count at how many school camps these biscuits would be offered at supper time. And even though you're all grown up, your heart still warms at the sight of the familiar tins of biscuits. Add a cup of Milo and your snack is complete! Better chope your favourite flavour before it's gone!


This product includes a tin with a window in the lid, and 6 different felt biscuits. Tin measures 10.7 x 7.2 x 4.0 cm.


Your Heartfelt Makan order will be processed after payment is received. Orders will be fulfilled within 2 weeks or less. We have a limited number of tins, so this product may sell out and may take time to be restocked.

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